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In 1971, the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church established a 4-year-old pre-school for children of the congregation. Since then, the school has grown and opened enrollment to others in the community on a tuition basis.

Faith Lutheran School is fully accredited and currently provides classes from pre-school three-year-olds through grade twelve. School curriculum is based on the classical model of education.

Instruction progresses through various stages. The "grammar" stage includes the fundamentals of a subject. The "logic" or "dialectic" stage explores the "Why?" and "How?" of the subject. The "rhetoric" stage builds upon the other two stages. Someone in the rhetoric stage learns to express what he or she knows.

Faith's educational program also includes both sports and the fine arts.

Christian teaching is central to all of Faith Lutheran School's activities.

To learn more about Faith Lutheran School, please visit the school's web site.