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Christ is the center in both our preaching and teaching. The proclamation of the forgiveness of sins because of the death and resurrection of Christ and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper are the heart and soul of our Divine Service. Holy Communion is served every Sunday. Please join us on Sunday mornings.
Faith Lutheran Church is a member of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. We follow the liturgy as found in the Lutheran Service Book. Our music and hymns faithfully proclaim the Word of God as they keep the focus on Christ and the salvation He provides.
Faith Lutheran Church also offers a Christ–centered education for students from three years old through eleventh grade. Faith Lutheran School maintains high academic standards through a fully accredited program based on the classical model of education which cultivates both wisdom and virtue. Faith Lutheran School teaches God’s Word in the classroom as well as in daily devotions and a weekly chapel service. For more information, please visit our school’s web site by using the link provided in the navigation menu at the right of this page.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email the church office. May our crucified and risen Lord bless you with His eternal peace.

We believe…
…in the one true God, the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things;
…that all people are in bondage to sin, death, and the devil, and are unable to free themselves or make themselves right with God by their own powers;
…that Jesus Christ, true God and true man, lived a perfect and holy life for us, shed His blood for us on the cross to atone for our sins, and rose from the grave on the third day declaring His victory over Satan and the grave for us;
…that God has declared the whole world “not guilty” because of what Jesus did upon the cross and not because of what we do;
…that the Holy Spirit delivers Christ’s forgiveness, life, and salvation to us — fully and freely — through the preaching of the Word, through baptism, absolution, and the Lord’s Supper;
…that Christ is working in us to lead lives of faith toward God and fervent love toward one another in the vocations to which He calls us;
…that Christ’s Church is to send out workers to proclaim the Gospel and is to bear witness to the living hope she has in Christ Jesus with gentleness and respect;
…that Christ’s Church is to actively extend God’s mercy to the poor and weak and defenseless, showing love to our neighbors;
…that Christ will come again on the Last Day to judge the living and the dead and to give eternal life to all who believe in Him;
…that the entire Bible is the inerrant, inspired, and holy Word of God and the source and norm of Christian doctrine; and that the confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as found in the Book of Concord of 1580 are a correct exposition of this Word of God.
Faith Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, a conservative, confessional Lutheran Church body.

Receiving the gift of the Lord’s Supper is to receive the holy, crucified, resurrected, and ascended Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ in, with, and under bread and wine. Therefore, to receive the Lord’s Supper is a confession that all who receive it in one place are united in holding to all of the doctrines of God’s Word (see 1 Cor 10:17; 11:26). Therefore, those who do not know or hold to the doctrinal commitment of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod are requested to attend the Adult Instruction Class for membership before communing at Faith Lutheran Church.

Faith’s congregational life revolves around Bible study and worship. Multiple Bible classes and study groups meet throughout the week at various times of the day as well as on Sunday mornings. Worship services are held on Sunday mornings. Additional services are held during Advent, Lent, and on other special occasions. Check with the church office for times of special services.
Faith also offers fellowship opportunities for men, women, youth, seniors, and families. Various groups emphasize different aspects of people’s lives including recreation as well as service opportunities and devotions.
Various choirs and musical groups help provide a variety of special additions to worship services. Other groups provide volunteer services to the church and community.
New members as well as old are encouraged to take an active part in Faith’s congregational life.

Senior Choir
This mixed–voice choir of men and women is open to all adult members of Faith Lutheran Church. This group practices on Wednesday evenings and sings an anthem or select stanzas of a hymn two to three Sundays a month.
Men’s Choir
This choir is open to all confirmed men of Faith Lutheran Church. The choir practices two Saturday mornings a month and sings one Sunday a month at either the early or late service.
Youth Choir
This newly formed choir consists of confirmed youth of Faith Lutheran Church. They will sing one Sunday a month and practice during the two weeks before singing.
Sunday School Choir
This choir consists of Sunday School children in grades two through eight. They will sing three to four times a year and practice when needed during the Sunday School hour.
Faith Lutheran Orchestra
This choir of strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion provides preludes and accompanies hymns about four times a year. This group plays at both services on the scheduled Sunday. They practice during the Sunday School hour the two Sundays prior to playing.
Faith Lutheran Brass Choir and Woodwind Choir
Both of these instrumental choirs play preludes and accompany hymns two to three Sundays a year. Rehearsals are scheduled during the Sunday School hour the two Sundays prior to playing for church services. This choir plays at both the early and the late services on the Sunday they play.
Faith Lutheran Adult Handbell Choir
This choir is open to all confirmed members of Faith Lutheran Church. This choir practices two Sunday afternoons a month and plays one Sunday a month in our worship.
Faith Lutheran School Children’s Choir
This school choir is open to all fourth through eighth grade students of Faith Lutheran School. They sing during Advent and Lent worship services and one Sunday a month for our worship services. They also sing for school programs.
Girls of Faith Lutheran School
This select group of girls from grades six through eight of Faith Lutheran School sings for Wednesday evening Advent and Lent services. They also sing for school programs.
Faith Lutheran School Handbell Choir
This select group of sevent and eighth graders plays one Sunday a month for our worship services.
Faith Lutheran School Band Program
Faith Lutheran School employs Heart Song Music Service to provide the director for the school bands. Beginner band is open to all fifth graders of the school. Students in grades six through eight make up the Intermediate Band. The high school also has a band and orchestra program. Instruction and rehearsals take place during the school day.

Faith Lutheran Action Group (FLAG) is a faithful, Christ-centered, active youth group for our confirmed high school students and guests. The FLAG meets once a month for Bible Study with one of our Pastors and a fun activity.
Every summer the FLAG youth attend Higher Things Lutheran youth conferences at various locations around the country. In recent years, the youth have spent time together around God’s Word and in worship in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, San Antonio, and Kansas.
FLAG also meets every Sunday Morning at 9:30am for Sunday School. They study various current topics, bible studies, the Lutheran Confessions, and Luther’s Small Catechism.
Please contact the Church office if you would like additional information ( church@faithplano.org).

An open Heart of love for all our sisters in Christ in our congregation, community, and the world. An open Bible that we may continue to grow in the inerrant Word of God through study and Divine worship. The Dove represents the fruits of the spirit given to us in our baptism by the Holy Spirit. And the Cross keeps us focused on Jesus above all, as our Lord and Savior.
Who We Are
The Women of Faith (WoF) promote Christian knowledge, fellowship and service at large. If you are a woman (high school age and above) attending Faith Lutheran Church then you are a part of Women of Faith. Our gifts of time and efforts are signs of love to our Savior. We invite and encourage all women of Faith to join our sisterhood.
We conduct business meetings throughout the year and invite you to attend. Morning meetings immediately follow the Tuesday morning Bible Study. The evening meetings, usually include a guest speaker or program, and are held on Thursday evenings. Announcements of the meetings are in the church newsletter and bulletins and WOF yearly handbook.
Our society is part of the national Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML), which is the official women’s group of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. We are in the Texas District and are a member society of the Dal-North Zone LWML, which meets twice a year.
The only method of gathering funds that the national LWML advocates is through Mite boxes, small cardboard boxes that each woman uses as a reminder of the widow who gave all she had to the Lord (Mark 12: 41-44). Give to the Mites, out of each dollar, 25% will go toward international missions and 75% with be used for mission projects in our Texas District. Your spare change makes a big difference by bringing support, comfort, and knowledge of Jesus to many in need. A Mite box is given to our women to help them give a prayer and a coin for mission work. Each month, we have a special moment when Mites are gathered and dedicated to God’s work.
The major fundraiser for Women of Faith is our annual rummage sale. Held in the fall, this rummage sale is an outreach to our neighbors, as well as, a way to provide WoF the funds needed to assist our congregation with projects and missions.
The Women of Faith Executive Board strive to involve as many women in our ministry as possible. Prayerfully consider supporting us when we reach out to you regarding the needs of the church or church members. We try to keep business meetings brief but when one is called please try to attend, as your input is valued.
We also strive to keep you informed about WOF. Follow us on Facebook: Faith Lutheran Church Women of Faith. Emails will be sent periodically to keep you informed, so be sure to give us your email address for the distribution list. Phone calls, newsletter articles, and bulletin announcements are also a way we communicate to our members.
If you want to be more involved or have a question, please contact any of the WOF officers. We would love to get to know you better and have your participation.

Holy Communion renews us in Christ and is a cornerstone of our faith.
The Altar Guild is a ministry that serves the Triune God lovingly and faithfully by caring for the Lord’s altar.
The Guild prepares the sanctuary for Holy Communion, cares for the linens, orders the appropriate supplies, prepares communion vessels, and changes the paraments to reflect the Church season. Members also set-up for special holidays, weddings, baptisms and funerals.
If you have an interest in joining this group of servants, please email to: church@faithplano.org
Altar Flowers
Flowers on the Altar are provided by donations. There is a weekly flower chart in the Narthex to sign, and the cost is $45 per arrangement. The flowers are yours to take following the late service.

We are always looking for faithful members to assist with Usher duties. Wayne Strenger is our leader, please contact him if you are interested in being put on an Usher team or please contact the Church office if you would like additional information ( church@faithplano.org ).
Each usher provides an important role in the divine service. An usher is expected to welcome visitors and members with a humble and reverent heart. A coat and tie is the recommended attire for all scheduled ushers. Wearing your nametag is highly recommended.
Ushers should arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the service. Ushers should review the bulletin/liturgy for any special activities or deviations from the normal service.
Ushers should position themselves so as to greet all worshippers and make them feel welcome and comfortable. Ushers will pass out the bulletins and assist with seating as required.
Ushers will close the sanctuary doors at the beginning of the divine service. Ushers will greet late arriving members and guests. Encourage them to wait for the appropriate time to be seated (during a hymn or singing part of the liturgy).
Ushers will assist with the offering collection, attendance counting and communion.
Ushers should be alert for any disturbance. In case of illness, the usher should escort the sick to the narthex, if possible, and assist or render aid as required. Locate a parish nurse or doctor, if their services are needed. Be alert for parents with noisy children. They may need assistance to move to the narthex or nursery.
Ushers should participate in the divine service as much as possible.
After the conclusion of the divine service, walk the aisles of the sanctuary picking up any trash, straighten/replace hymnals and pick up the attendance records. Sort the attendance records. Separate the sheets with any visitor information from those with only members’ names. Install any new supplies needed in the attendance books. Place the attendance records on the Secretary’s desk in the church office.
After the late Sunday Service, assist with the coffee cleanup duty.

Risus ipsum commodo
eveniet pede nulla, sed fusce
sed eget, sit augue
mauris feugiat

small efforts make big change